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A womans face being coverd by hands

If accused of violence, facing assault and/or battery charges in Michigan can have serious legal consequences. It’s crucial to comprehend the nature of these charges and your rights in such situations.

What Constitutes Assault and Battery in Michigan?

Involves intentional threat of violence or an act inducing fear of imminent harm. Actual physical contact isn’t necessary for an assault charge; the key is the perceived threat.

Intentional, unwanted touching or striking resulting in bodily harm. Unlike assault, battery requires physical contact.

Legal Consequences

Facing charges in Michigan may lead to severe repercussions—fines, probation, or imprisonment. Severity depends on factors like injuries, criminal history, and weapon involvement.

Your Right to Legal Counsel

How We Can Help
Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC specializes in criminal law, ready to assist you. We understand Michigan’s legal system, ensuring diligent work to uphold your rights.

Avoiding Jail Time

Crafting a Strong Defense
Roberto A. Bihar navigates the process, working to avoid jail time. A strong defense involves questioning evidence, testimonies, or challenging arrest legality.

Negotiating Plea Deals
In some cases, plea deals may minimize charges or penalties. Roberto A. Bihar explores all avenues for the best outcome.

Moving Forward
If charged, don’t face it alone. Contact Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, for a consultation. We’ll help understand your options and build a tailored defense. Your freedom and rights matter, and we’re here to protect them.