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Probate Law

When you mention probate law, many people only consider dealing with wills.

Never Leave the Future to Chance

Probate Law - Waterford Township, MI

In addition to that important estate planning, probate law covers many other areas. We offer our top-notch legal services to customers across White Lake, Clarkston, and Waterford Township, MI.

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Protect Your Decisions

Do you have a plan for what medical attention you want provided in the event you cannot communicate? You need to leave a clear explanation of what you want for your family and medical professionals.

The implications of you or a family member becoming unable to make important decisions due to dementia, mental illness, or other reasons are extremely serious. You might make medical or financial decisions that you wouldn’t normally make. Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC will assist you in matters of probate with compassion and forethought.

Have you decided who will care for your children if you cannot? We can help protect your wishes by drafting draft the correct legal documentation.

We cover many aspects of probate law, including but not limited to:
● Adult & Minor Conservatorships
● Adult & Minor Guardianships
● Developmentally Disabled Persons
● Probating an Estate for a Person Who Passed with or without a Will
● Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
● Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions

52nd District Court - Waterford Township, MI

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