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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a lawyer with a proven track record of success by your side. 

We Provide Your Best Defense

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If you have been charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record of success by your side. Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC will help you move forward through the process with quick, decisive action based on his extensive knowledge of criminal defense law. Our law firm offers a reliable reputation of protecting the best interests of our clientele throughout Holly, Clarkston, White Lake, and Waterford Township, MI.

In addition to representing clients in criminal defense cases, Attorney Bihar is also an experienced DUI lawyer and probate attorney.

Assault & Battery

If you’ve been accused of violence or attempting violence against another person, you may be charged with assault and/or battery. You have a right to legal counsel, and we are ready to help you stay outside of a jail cell.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include everything from marijuana possession to allegations of trafficking heroin. At Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, we handle all misdemeanor and felony drug cases.


Any time you are charged with a felony, you need an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. The right you should exercise immediately is your right to representation. Call Mr. Bihar at 248.383.8015 immediately and do not speak to anyone without him present.

Juvenile Crimes

If your child is accused of committing a crime or is taken into custody, they have the same right to legal representation an adult has. Minors have additional protections in place so they are not taken advantage of by law enforcement personnel or others. Mr. Bihar will use his extensive experience to protect minors in juvenile court.

Other Services

Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC also represents clients accused or charged with the following:
● Misdemeanors
● Domestic Violence
● Theft Claims
● Sex Crimes
● Violent Crimes
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Based on 69 reviews
Roberto is one of the best lawyers i'v every had,very knowledgeable very easy to work with,showed up to every court date prepared and on time can't say enough good things about Roberto if anyone looking for a great lawyer this is your guy,highly recommended,thanks Roberto for a job well done
Juan Ojeda Jr
Juan Ojeda Jr
Roberto is very professional and pleasant to work with. He helped make my situation less stressful and I am grateful for that. I would highly recommend his services.
Dave Losee
Dave Losee
Mr Bihar did an amazing job on my case and was very helpful with any questions I had definitely recommend him to anyone!!!
Michael Shirley
Michael Shirley
Honest attorney would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for someone who will work hard for their situation
Lazar Assoofi
Lazar Assoofi
Roberto got my 3 point ticket taken care of that I should not have received from an accident that was not my fault. Highly recommend his services! He was prompt and attentive to my situation!!
Nga Duong
Nga Duong
Roberto helped out a friend of mine who is Chinese and doesn't speak well English. She was unjustly given a 3 point ticket for an accident that was not her fault. He contacted the prosecutor and had the ticket taken care of!! Would use his service again and highly recommend him
Mike N
Mike N
They were very professional did a great job for me. I would recommend him to anybody, and I will use him in the future.
Rob Willis
Rob Willis
Roberto A. Bizarre was great, knowledge, his years of experience meet all our need in a timely manner. I recommend him. Great job.
Janet Trueblood
Janet Trueblood
Mr. Roberto Bihar worked hard to bring my case into court and resolved it before it even had to go before the judge. Roberto negotiated terms for agreement between both parties and resolved the indifferences between both parties. Roberto Bihar is the best lawyer I could possibly have found to represent me with my case. He is incredibly knowledgeable at law. If you are having a legal problem with someone, . . . Roberto Bihar is the man you should have to represent you. I would recommend him to anyone anytime.
Mitchell Rose
Mitchell Rose
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