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Traffic Violation Representation

Traffic violations may seem minor, but they won’t go away on their own. Whether you’re local to Waterford Township, White Lake, or Clarkston, MI, we’re here to fight for you.

Don’t Put Your License at Risk!

DUI & Traffic Violations - Waterford Township, MI
At Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, we represent clients for a number of traffic violations including:
● Speeding tickets
● Reckless driving
● Failure to yield
● Running a red light
● Eluding
● Racing


If you’re arrested for a DUI, call us immediately at 248.383.8015. Across the US, it is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. In Michigan, the offense is known as operating while intoxicated, OWI. Roberto A. Bihar knows how to effectively challenge breathalyzer evidence, arrest procedures, and defend you in all aspects of a DUI arrest.

DUI Penalties

First DUI Offense

This is a misdemeanor. All of the following apply.
● Up to 93 days in jail
● Fines of $100-$500
● 30-day driver’s license suspension
● Up to 360 hours community service

Second DUI Offense

This is a misdemeanor. All of the following apply.
● Minimum of 5 days to one year in jail
● Fines of $200-$1,000
● Lifetime driver’s license suspension
● 30-90 days community service

Third DUI Offense

This is a felony.
● Imprisonment for a minimum of one year up to five years; OR
● Probation with imprisonment in county jail for 30 days to one year and community service for 60-180 days; AND
● A fine of $500-$5,000

DUI Causing Serious Injury or Death

This is a felony.
● Up to 15 years in prison; AND
● A fine of up to $15,000

In addition to these penalties, a driver may receive points on their license, other fees, and drug and alcohol monitoring.

52nd District Court - Waterford Township, MI

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