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Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, excels in Criminal Law, DUI/Traffic Violations, and Probate Law, extending its expertise to misdemeanors, domestic violence, theft claims, sex crimes, and violent crimes.


  • Legal Representation: Strong defense strategies.
  • Penalty Mitigation: Work towards minimizing fines and probation.
  • Advocacy: Tailored defenses based on unique circumstances.


Domestic Violence

  • Rights Protection: Upholding the rights of those accused of domestic violence.
  • Defense Strategies: Crafting comprehensive defenses to challenge allegations.
  • Guidance: Navigate legal processes with empathy and understanding.


Theft Claims

  • Legal Assistance: Representation for theft allegations.
  • Evidence Scrutiny: Thoroughly examining evidence for a strong defense.
  • Negotiation Skills: Employing negotiation for favorable resolutions.


Sex Crimes

  • Sensitive Representation: Handling sex crime cases with discretion.
  • Legal Expertise: Challenging evidence and accusations with legal knowledge.
  • Client Support: Providing guidance and support throughout proceedings.


Violent Crimes

  • Comprehensive Defense: Strong legal defense for charges related to violent crimes.
  • Investigation Support: Conducting thorough investigations for a robust defense.
  • Strategic Advocacy: Crafting defenses based on case specifics.


Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, offers exceptional legal services in various areas. Whether misdemeanors, domestic violence, theft claims, sex crimes, or violent crimes, the firm blends legal expertise with personalized attention for optimal outcomes. For professional representation, contact Roberto A. Bihar, PLLC, for a tailored consultation.