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Have you or someone you know been charged with or arrested for DUI or OWI in Michigan? Are you wondering if you should hire an attorney to represent your case? Many individuals facing DUI/OWI charges believe they don’t have many options, especially if they took a breath test showing a result well above the legal limit. You may think the best course of action is to accept the consequences and forgo hiring an attorney — this is untrue.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of hiring a DUI/OWI attorney and how working with a legal professional can help you achieve a better outcome for your case and life.

Protect Your Rights & Interests

Michigan DUI/OWI law is complex and constantly changing, so working with a DUI/OWI attorney ensures your case receives fair and thorough representation. Part of an attorney’s duty to their client is to perform a comprehensive review of the case. This includes analyzing the police report, evidence of an arrest, your version of the event, and any prior convictions. By doing this, your attorney can provide you with representation tailored to your particular situation.

Help Your Case Run Smoother

Working with an experienced defense attorney not only provides you with an advocate in your courtroom — it can help your case run more efficiently. DUI/OWI attorneys have familiarity with the court system, prosecutors, and the complex administrative processes involved in each case. Their understanding of the law, knowledge of sentencing and plea bargains, and court requirements can help streamline the negotiation or trial process. If you are a repeat DUI/OWI offender, having this level of expertise on your side is essential.

Representation for Both Criminal Cases & Secretary of State Proceedings

You may be considering using a court-appointed lawyer to represent your DUI/OWI case. While this option works for many individuals, they are at a particular disadvantage — a DUI/OWI arrest generally leads to both a criminal court case and license suspension proceedings through the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. If you opt for an appointed lawyer, they will handle your criminal court case, but not any proceedings with the Secretary of State. A private DUI/OWI attorney will generally provide representation for every aspect of your case.

Keep Insurance Costs Down

A DUI/OWI conviction can result in your auto insurance premiums dramatically increasing your insurance rates. Your rates may not only triple or quadruple; you could also be denied coverage entirely. Car insurance is required in Michigan, so losing coverage can make it challenging to get to work and around town.

Additionally, if your employer requires you to carry your own insurance coverage, this may further jeopardize your employment status if your work requires driving. Working with a DUI/OWI lawyer may help you reach a plea deal that doesn’t result in your losing your coverage or skyrocketing rates.

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